Modicon Quantum 140

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Manufacturer Modicon
Description Modicon Quantum 140 CPU Module 586K 4MEG 1xMB+
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty Reman: 2 yrs; New: 1 yr Years
The obsolescence of parts has necessitated a redesign of the Quantum Automation Series 140 CPU 534 14 controller. This redesigned version of the controller will be designated with A at the end of the part number (i.e., 140 CPU 534 14A). This version is functionally identical to the standard version (non-A), however, the following should be considered.  If you are using the module in a hot standby topology, then you must use either two non-A models or two A models.  The A version has a unique flash executive. Note: The A and non-A flash executives are not interchangeable.  Schneider Automation software (Concept, ProWORX, and Modsoft) supports the A version. Any existing or new 140 CPU 534 14 program configuration will load into a 140 CPU 534 14A without any modifications. For More Information For complete information concerning this and other modules, please obtain a copy of the Quantum Automation Series Hardware Reference Guide (840 USE 100 00) by contacting MRO Electric and Supply Company, Cary, NC 27511. 1-800-691-8511. Overview of the Front Panel Switches There are two switches (a three-position slide switch and a three-position key switch) and one connector (Modbus RS-232) located on the front of the CPU. These switches are described in the following sections. Front Panel Slide Switch The slide switch is used to select the comm parameter settings for the Modbus (RS-232) ports. Three options are available. The Quantum 140 CPU 534 14A is equipped with two nine-pin RS-232C connectors that support Modicons proprietary Modbus communication protocol. The following is the Modbus port pinout connections for nine-pin and 25-pin connections. The 140 CPU 534 14A supports up to six network modules (i.e., Modbus Plus, Ethernet, and Multi-Axis Motion option modules) using the option module interface technique. However, only two Modbus Plus modules can have full functionality, including Quantum DIO support.